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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get support for my website?

As a new customer, you will automatically receive the "Essential Care" package free for a full year, along with lifetime support. This plan auto-renews annually, but you may cancel the renewal at any time by submitting a support ticket. Please ensure your cancellation request is sent no later than twenty days before your subscription period ends.

How can I upgrade my maintenance and support plan?

If your current subscription plan does not meet all your needs and you wish to upgrade, simply contact us through the form above or via the support system in your customer area. We will respond promptly to accommodate your request.

Some time has passed since I subscribed to my maintenance and support plan and I now want to upgrade my plan. Do I have to pay the full subscription fee for the new plan?

If some time has passed since you subscribed to your maintenance and support plan and you now wish to upgrade, you won't be required to pay the full subscription fees for the new plan. We will prorate the fees based on the remaining period of your current subscription and then apply that amount as a credit towards the cost of the new plan.

Can I upgrade my plan during the free warranty period?

Yes, you can, under the same conditions mentioned in the previous answer.

I have a WooCommerce website with significant trade volume and need a plan that ensures the highest degree of security and the best hosting resources. What plan do you recommend?

While all our plans offer an excellent level of security and hosting resources, for sites with substantial financial transactions and customer data, we recommend the "Elite Care" plan. It provides the most comprehensive security features and hosting resources.

Why don't you offer separate maintenance and support services from hosting?

Our hosting services are available independently. However, maintenance and support services are inherently linked to our hosting service. This integration is crucial for us to access the hosting panel, adjust settings, and implement security and backup tools effectively.

My free maintenance and support period has ended, and I do not wish to renew my maintenance contract, but I want to continue with your hosting. What should I do?

Our hosting services are available in three separate plans, identical in benefits to those bundled with maintenance and support plans. You can continue with a standalone hosting plan or upgrade to a more comprehensive plan. Upon receiving your request not to renew the maintenance and support contract, we will offer you the choice to continue with your hosting plan independently or cancel it.

Click here   to view the subscription plans and fees for independent hosting separate from maintenance and support packages, and compare their benefits.

I did not design my website with you, but I want to subscribe to one of your maintenance and support packages.

We welcome applications for maintenance and support services from owners of websites designed outside our agency. However, two conditions must be met: your site must be designed using the WordPress CMS, and you must transfer your site to our hosting to ensure we can provide all assigned services.

If I do not renew my maintenance contract, what kind of support will I receive from you?

Should your maintenance and support contract expire without renewal, you will receive emergency support via email, which is advisory in nature and not technical support. Customers who continue with our hosting plans will receive full support for their hosting through the ticket system available in their client area.

Before subscribing to your maintenance packages, I would like to update my website design. What should I do?

We offer a website design update service. To get started, contact us via the free consultation form to schedule a consulting session. During this session, we will assess your needs and provide a suitable proposal.

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