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Video Production Services

Comprehensive Video Solutions Tailored for Businesses 

At Best 4 WP Web, we specialize in creating high-quality videos for a variety of business needs. Our services range from promotional and instructional videos to dynamic content for social media platforms. Understanding the unique demands of each project, we offer packages that are priced on a per-minute basis, ensuring transparency and adaptability to your specific requirements.

Our ​Services:

Creative Video Production

Tailored for promotional, illustrative, or educational purposes, our creative videos are a fusion of original concepts, well-crafted narratives, and advanced editing techniques.

Pricing: Begins at ​€​​€149.99​ Euro   $164.99 USD​ per minute.
Using AI ​Voice-Over: + €49.99  $54.99
Using Human Voice-Over: + €99.99  $109.99
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Engage your audience with animated videos, ideal for presenting services or products in a captivating manner. Our animations range from charming character styles to modern designs.

Pricing: Begins at ​€179.99​ Euro   $198.99 USD​ per minute.
Using AI ​Voice-Over: + €49.99  $54.99
Using Human Voice-Over: + €99.99  $109.99
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Avatar Video Production

Utilizing both 2D/3D cartoon avatars and life-like human avatars, these videos offer an engaging way to showcase your offerings. Enhanced with synchronized voiceovers, they provide an interactive viewer experience.
Click here to explore the variety of avatars and their personalities we offer, giving you a clear understanding of the style that best suits your project.

Pricing: Begins at ​€119.99​ Euro   $131.99 USD​ per minute.
Using AI ​Voice-Over: Free
Using Human Voice-Over: + €99.99  $109.99
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Doodle Video Production

Doodle videos are excellent for conveying messages in an engaging, visual format. Our team employs various styles, using cartoon characters or real imagery, tailored to your communication goals.

Pricing: Begins at ​€99.99​ Euro   $109.99 USD​ per minute.
Using AI ​Voice-Over: + €49.99  $54.99
Using Human Voice-Over: + €99.99  $109.99
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Motion Magic Video Production

Our package specializes in creating motion graphics that blend text, images, and sound for a dynamic multimedia experience. It's perfect for businesses aiming to craft short, yet powerful, attention-grabbing videos like one-minute ads.

Pricing: Begins at ​€119.99​ Euro   $131.99 USD​ per minute.
Using AI ​Voice-Over: + €49.99  $54.99
Using Human Voice-Over: + €99.99  $109.99
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Why Partner with Us?

Diverse Video Styles: Our expertise spans a wide range of video types, meeting the varied needs of professional clients.

Transparent, Flexible Pricing: Our pricing model is straightforward, offering value and flexibility.

Bespoke Creations: Each video is meticulously crafted to align with your brand's message and aesthetic.
In what languages do you offer your video design services?

Our video design services are available in a wide range of languages, just like our website design services. We cater to English, German, all major European languages, and other well-known international languages. This extensive language support also extends to our avatar and voice-over services, making them accessible globally.

Are the prices for video production fixed or variable?

Our video production services are priced at a fixed rate per minute. This ensures transparency and consistency in billing for our clients.

Can you customize a video package to fit my specific needs?

Absolutely! We understand that every business has unique requirements. Our team is adept at customizing video packages to align perfectly with your specific goals and brand messaging.

How long does it take to produce a video?

The production time can vary depending on the complexity and length of the video. However, we always work efficiently to meet your timeline without compromising quality. Please contact us for a more accurate estimate based on your project.

Do you offer services for creating videos for social media platforms?

Yes, our video packages include options specifically tailored for social media platforms. These are designed to be engaging, shareable, and formatted to suit various social media channels.

Can I provide input during the video production process?

Of course! Client collaboration is key to our process. We welcome your input at various stages of production to ensure the final product aligns with your vision.

Is voice-over included in the video packages?

Yes, voice-over can be included in your video package. We offer a range of voice-over options to suit the tone and style of your video.

What types of voice-over options are included in your video packages?

Certainly. Our video packages feature two distinct voice-over options. The first option includes AI-generated voices, which are remarkably human-like in tone and emotion, offering a range of settings for versatility. These voices are developed using advanced AI techniques and are available in various styles. The second option is traditional human voice-overs, which provide a different but equally professional audio experience. While this option has a higher cost, it complements different project requirements. To assist in your decision-making, you can listen to samples of our AI-generated voices here, which showcase their range and quality.

How realistic are your human avatars, and do they perform comparably to actual people?

Our human avatars are of exceptionally high quality, offering a performance that closely mirrors real people. We use advanced technology to ensure lifelike movements and expressions, making it hard to distinguish them from actual human performers. For a demonstration of their quality and realism, we encourage you you to browse examples.

How are revisions handled if I want changes to the final video?

We aim for your complete satisfaction. If revisions are needed, we provide a clear process for making adjustments to ensure the final product meets your expectations.

How do you facilitate the translation of YouTube videos?

To integrate translations into your YouTube videos, we require access to your YouTube channel's credentials. Alternatively, we can provide you with the translated content for you to manually insert and upload.

Which translation engine do you utilize for YouTube video translations?

We employ Google Translate for translating the content, titles, and descriptions of YouTube videos.

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