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Luxury tailor-made holidays from Original Travel

At Original Travel we believe that life is in the detail

For instance, the emphasis is on flexibility and personalisation across a range of authentic experiences in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Canada. Designing each holiday around a client’s.

Designing each holiday around a client’s needs and preferences, the result is an individually-created itinerary which is big on imagination and catered around each individual's interests. 

There is a world of possibilities out there

Here are just a few trip ideas to get you started

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Where to go?

Explore the world to find the destination of your choice.

Guests can celebrate a milestone birthday with their own private camp and DJ on a glacier in Iceland, indulge in a gastronomic tour of the Douro Valley, or connect with each other better through the power of storytelling in the Botswana bush. Parents can connect with their teenage children while making their own feature-length wildlife documentary with a filmmaker in Kenya, or seek replenishment upon crystal-clear waters during a fortnight’s sailing trip across the Indian Ocean.

At Your Service

The following come as standard when travelling with Original Travel.

Curated by a dedicated travel design team, the company has initially launched with 12 innovative experiences, and will continue to add to the collection as new journeys are created. Completely bespoke itineraries are also available, upon request.

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