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Top Platforms for Selling Photos Online: A Comprehensive Guide

Selling Photos Online: A Lucrative Venture for Photographers

Selling photos online is a way for photographers to make money. With the right platforms, you can show and sell your work to many people. This guide will show you the best places to sell your photos, how much you can earn, and what kinds of photos sell the best. It’s for both pros and amateurs and will give tips to help you earn more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Selling photos online is a lucrative opportunity for photographers.
  • Choosing the right platforms is crucial for success in selling photos online.
  • The earning potential varies based on the platform, demand, and marketing efforts.
  • Certain types of photos, like nature, landscapes, and conceptual images, fetch higher prices.
  • Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Stocksy, and Etsy are some of the leading platforms for selling photos online.

How Much Can You Make Selling Photos Online?

The money you can make from selling photos online varies. It depends on where you sell, what people want, and how well you promote. Many photographers do well, making anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars every month. How much you make is up to the quality of your work and how you market it.

When considering selling photos online, note that platforms differ in how they pay. Some pay a set amount per photo sold. Others adjust payment by how much or well you sell, or by your reputation on the platform.

Selling photos can also bring in money passively. This means your photos can keep making money even after you’ve posted them for sale. Over time, this can become a significant source of income without constantly creating new content.

To make more money, try creating extraordinary and unique photos. Find your personal visual style to stand out. This can draw in buyers who are looking for something special.

Keep an eye on what kind of photos are popular. Knowing what people are interested in can give you a competitive edge. Look for new trends, popular themes, or niche markets and consider your own innovative approach.

Make sure your photos are easy to find by using the right tags and descriptions. This increases your chances of catching the eye of potential buyers. You want your work to be visible to as many people as possible.

Spread the word about your photos. Use social media, photography communities, and your blog to showcase your art. Connecting with your audience and joining contests can draw more attention to your work.

Instead of just one platform, sell your photos on several. This broadens your opportunities for sales and income streams. Different platforms can also help you reach a wider audience.

By following these tips, you can increase your online photo sales. The key is to be patient and dedicated. Success takes time and effort. Always aim to improve your photography to meet the wants of your potential buyers.


“I started selling photos online a few years ago. It’s become a big part of my income. By focusing on unique photos and using different platforms, I’ve created a steady income. It takes work but the potential is there.” – Betty W, Professional Photographer

What Types of Photos Fetch the Highest Prices?

Some photos sell for more money. To make more, photographers should know what people want. For high values, these are key choices:

Popular Subjects:

  • Nature and landscapes: Pictures of beautiful views, sunsets, animals, and natural sites are always wanted.
  • Travel destinations: Photos of famous places or hidden gems draw in those wanting travel pictures.
  • Lifestyle and culture: Snapshots of real moments and different cultures catch buyers’ eyes.
  • Business and technology: Images of modern offices, new tech, and work scenes are popular.
  • Conceptual images: Photos with deep meanings or emotions often find buyers.

Quality and Uniqueness:

Top-notch photos with clear details and great composition sell well. Being unique also helps. Unusual subjects, creative angles, and fresh ideas make photos more valuable.

Emotional Appeal:

Images that stir strong feelings in people sell better. Happy, awe-inspiring, thoughtful, or nostalgic pictures connect with viewers. This emotional link can raise the photo’s worth.

Staying up-to-date on what’s popular is important for photographers. They should research, check top photography sites, and study sales. This info helps them choose the right photos to sell high.

Now, we’ll look at top places where photographers can sell their work. We’ll see what they offer to help grow a photographer’s business.

Leading Platforms for Photo Sales

There are lots of places online where you can sell your photos. Each website offers different features and ways to make money. Here are the top sites for selling your photos:

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a big place for photos that’s linked with Adobe. It lets you sell photos, videos, and more right from Adobe programs. You can reach a lot of people and offer different types of licenses.


Shutterstock is a well-known place to sell photos worldwide. It has many images where you can earn money depending on how much you sell. It’s a good site for both buyers and sellers.

SmugMug Pro

SmugMug Pro lets photographers make their own online stores. You can show your photos, set your prices, and have a professional website. It offers many plans and features for selling photos.


Alamy has a big collection where you can sell various types of photos. You can make different percentages depending on how you sell your photos. They also have an app for easier photo sales on the go.


Stocksy is owned by the artists who sell their work there. They offer good payouts and you can have a say in the company. It’s great for those who want to earn more for their work.


Etsy is more than photos, it’s a market for unique art. Photographers can sell prints to people who love handmade items. It’s a different way to sell your work to a special group of buyers.


500px is where you can sell photos and also connect with other photographers. You can earn high royalties and even win competitions. It’s a great place to show off your work.


EyeEm is a mix of a place to sell photos and a community for photographers. You can sell to businesses while still being part of a creative group. It’s all about supporting photographers.


Snapped4u is for those shooting events who want to sell their photos. It makes selling event photos simple, letting photographers focus on their work.


PhotoShelter is like a toolkit for photographers to sell their work. It lets you build a website, sell prints, and license your photos. You can present your work in a professional way.


Foap is an app that makes selling photos easy from your phone. It’s simple to upload and sell your pictures. They also have challenges to keep you inspired.


Fotomoto works well with your website to sell prints and downloads. You can set prices and how you ship your work. It’s a good choice for those who already have a website.


TourPhotos is for those who love travel photography. It helps you sell photos from popular spots with the help of tour companies. It’s a great market for travel photographers.

These top platforms give photographers different ways to sell their photos. Whether you want to reach many people, earn a lot, or target a specific type of buyer, you can find the right place to sell your photos.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock stands out as a top choice for stock photos. It fits well with Adobe’s popular photo software. This means photographers can sell their work easily from tools like Lightroom. It makes work smoother and more efficient.

One thing that makes Adobe Stock great is its broad reach. It connects photographers with people all over the globe. This helps their work get seen more, leading to increased sales and earnings.

Adobe Stock also shines in its licensing options. Photographers and buyers can find choices that work for them. This includes royalty-free or rights-managed licenses. These options give photographers more say over their work and how they earn from it. They can get paid fairly for their creative efforts.

Its commission model is another plus. By connecting an Adobe ID, photographers get a 33% royalty rate. This is a strong rate that motivates photographers to keep creating quality work. They know they’ll earn well for their contributions.

Adobe Stock is backed by a strong reputation. This makes it a trustworthy platform for photographers. It offers a great mix of benefits including easy integration, varied license options, and good commission rates. It helps photographers earn more and turn their passion into a profitable career.


Shutterstock is a well-known site for buying stock photos. It has a huge collection of images for people across the world. This makes it a leading stock photography website. Here, photographers can sell their photos. They get a share of the money, around 20% to 30%, depending on how much they’ve sold over time.

Many people visit Shutterstock, which is great for photographers. It means lots of eyes on their photos. Shutterstock has photos for all sorts of needs, serving many industries and customers.

One big plus of Shutterstock is how it pays its contributors. The site doesn’t change what it pays based on different factors. Contributors know they’ll get a set amount for their photos. This fair pay system is a plus.

Adding to the ways to earn, Shutterstock has an affiliate program. Here, contributors can make extra by referring new people. It’s a good way for photographers to use their network to make more money on the site.

To show just how big and global Shutterstock is, look at these numbers:

ImagesOver 400 million
VideosOver 10 million
ContributorsOver 1 million
CountriesMore than 150

Shutterstock’s wide reach, good pay, and extra earning options make it a great place for selling photos. It’s good for both professional photographers and those who do it for fun. Shutterstock gives you a chance to make money from your pictures.


Alamy is well-known among photographers who want to expand their collections with unique stock photos. They provide over 300 million images, from photos to videos and more. This variety helps meet different visual needs.

Photographers like Alamy because it lets them pick the best commission option. They can get paid from 17% to 50% based on how popular their photos are. Also, the type of license they choose matters.

Alamy also shines by supporting photographers who want to sell on the fly. With the Stockimo app, you can sell your photos anytime, anywhere. This means more chances to make money and more people to see your work.

Looking to showcase your photography and make money? Choose Alamy. They appreciate a wide variety of photos and give you control over earnings. It’s a great place for any photographer.

PlatformCommission Models
Alamy17% – 50% of sales


Stocksy is a unique place for photographers around the globe. It’s an artist-owned cooperative. This means the people who contribute also own a share of the business. They have a say in how things are run and work together closely.

Photographers at Stocksy get high royalties when their work is sold. They earn a 50% cut on standard licenses. But, they get 75% for extended licenses. Such a payment plan values their creativity and efforts.

All photos on Stocksy must be exclusive. This means they can’t be sold or shown anywhere else. This rule keeps the platform’s photo quality high. It attracts customers wanting unique photos. And photographers, with their exclusive photos, can earn more and be easily noticed.

Stocksy isn’t just any online platform. It’s built for those who believe in true creative freedom. Here artists find a place to grow, with fair pay for their art. They can share their work with the world. And when Stocksy does well, they get to share the profit too.

PlatformCommission on Standard LicensesCommission on Extended LicensesExclusivity Requirement
Adobe Stock33%N/ANon-exclusive


500px mixes stock photo sales with a place for photographers to gather and challenge each other. It’s a lively space where photographers can display their art and get noticed. This makes it a top pick for those wanting to share their photos with a keen audience.

At the heart of 500px is a program that lets photographers earn from their photos. They can pick an exclusive or non-exclusive deal to fit their needs best. High royalties are granted, ensuring photographers get a good cut of their work.

500px is more than just a selling spot. It’s a community where photographers can connect, share, and learn. By joining groups, chatting, and taking part in contests, they grow their skills and contacts. This supportive atmosphere is key in helping them improve and find new ideas.

On top of selling photos online, 500px lets photographers offer their work in other forms, like prints. This leads to more ways for them to make money and meets different tastes. It’s a smart move to broaden their business beyond just selling online.

All in all, 500px stands out with its mix of selling tools, community vibes, and fair payouts. It’s good for both seasoned pros and newcomers. If you want to show off and make money from your photos, 500px is a solid choice.


Etsy is known for selling handmade and vintage items. But, it’s also a place where photographers can sell their photos. They can set up a shop to display their work and sell custom prints. This way, they can target people who love unique art.

Selling photos on Etsy is good because of the custom options. Photographers can meet their customers’ specific needs. They can choose the print size, paper, and frame that fits their style. This special touch makes their photos more appealing.

Etsy helps photographers market their work too. They can use social media, work with influencers, and join Etsy’s campaigns. Plus, Etsy’s tools can improve how their photos show up in searches. This means more people might see and buy their work.

Using Etsy lets photographers find a unique crowd. They can offer specialized prints and stand out with their photography style. It’s a great place to sell photos online.

EtsyOnline MarketplaceSell Photos OnlineCustom Prints


Photographers can find success selling photos online. By using the best channels, making photos that sell, and marketing well, you can boost your income. You’ll also get your work seen by many people.

For online success, identify your niche and specialize in a type of photography. This sets you apart from others and draws interested buyers. It’s about showing what makes your work special.

Using social media and marketing is vital for visibility. Post your work often, talk to your fans, and join forces with fellow photographers. This approach helps you get noticed and potentially make more sales.

Always aim to improve your photography. Learn new skills, try different looks, and follow the latest trends. It makes your work better and more attractive to buyers over time.


What are some top platforms for selling photos online?

Top platforms for selling photos online are Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and SmugMug Pro. Others include Alamy, Stocksy, and Etsy. You can also try 500px, EyeEm, and Snapped4u. Additionally, explore PhotoShelter, Foap, Fotomoto, and TourPhotos.

How much can you make selling photos online?

The money you make selling photos online can vary. It depends on where you sell, how much people like your photos, and how well you market them. Many photographers earn a lot. They can make from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.

What types of photos fetch the highest prices?

Photos that fetch the highest prices often show nature, travel spots, and different cultures. You can also sell photos of business and the latest technology. High-quality, unique, and emotional photos are also valuable.

What is Adobe Stock?

Adobe Stock is online. It works with Adobe photography software. You can sell images, videos, and more from Lightroom and Bridge. People who sell photos on Adobe Stock can earn 33% of the sale.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is a famous website for stock photos. It has a wide range of images available worldwide. Those who sell photos on Shutterstock can earn 20% to 30% of the sale. They also have a way to make more by referring new users or photographers.

What is Alamy?

Alamy has over 300 million images and more. It offers various ways to get paid and lets you sell photos from your phone. Contributors on Alamy can earn between 17% and 50% of the sale, depending on the image’s popularity and license type.

What is Stocksy?

Stocksy is different because it’s owned by its contributing artists. They get 50% royalties on standard licenses and 75% on extended ones. It requires photos to be exclusive. Contributors on Stocksy can have a say in the company’s decisions and get profit shares.

What is 500px?

500px is part licensing platform, part community. It lets photographers interact and compete. Those contributing can make high royalties. Paid members even have the chance to earn up to 100% in royalties.

How can I sell photos on Etsy?

Etsy is great for selling photos alongside other art. It’s an online market where artists showcase their work. Photographers can reach a unique audience and sell custom prints. It provides a direct way to sell art to interested buyers.

What is the key to success in selling photos online?

To make it in online photo sales, choose your platforms wisely. Also, make sure your photos are appealing for sales. Engage in social media and marketing. Keep learning about photography and watch market trends.
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