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Robust Content and Customization

To expedite your website launch and bolster customer trust, we provide pre-written, customizable content. This material is delivered as an editable document, allowing you to infuse your unique brand voice effortlessly.

Essential Web Pages - Five and Beyond

The package includes a foundational set of 5 web pages, creating a comprehensive digital platform. Need more space? Expand your site with additional pages, available upon request.

Professional Aesthetic Appeal

Our designs are not just visually appealing but also professionally resonant, instilling confidence in your clientele. We ensure compatibility across various devices with responsive design techniques, guaranteeing an optimal user experience.

Secure Online Presence (HTTPS)

Prioritizing security and credibility, our package includes HTTPS for websites hosted on our servers. This feature not only safeguards user data but also enhances your site's search engine ranking.

Interactive Contact Form

Facilitate seamless communication with a user-friendly contact form, allowing clients to reach out directly through your website.

Brand-Centric Logo Integration

We seamlessly incorporate your existing logo, adding a personal and recognizable touch to your website.

Photo Gallery

We'll create a gallery page for your website, designed to display up to 10 images. This feature is an excellent way for your customers to view highlights of your best work. 

Advanced Sitemap Integration and Google Search Connectivity

Optimize your website's navigation and search engine visibility with our specialized sitemap add-on installation. This feature meticulously maps out your site's structure, ensuring search engines like Google efficiently index and display your content. This strategic enhancement is key to making your website more accessible and prominent in online searches.

Professional Backup Solution

Recognizing the essential need to safeguard your website data, we offer a professional backup tool. This efficient solution supports flexible data storage, allowing you to securely archive your site data externally on platforms like Google Drive or locally within your hosting space. Our approach ensures reliable data protection, offering you peace of mind.

Website Security and Firewall Protection 

Our service equips your site with a robust security tool, safeguarding against diverse threats like hacking, malware, and DDoS attacks. Key features of this tool include firewall protection, malware scanning and removal, enhanced login security, file integrity monitoring, and comprehensive DDoS defense. Additionally, it conducts regular security audits and activity monitoring to maintain your site's security and stability.

One Year of Complimentary Maintenance

We ​provide all our customers a free “Essential Care” package for a full year, which includes all the basic support and maintenance measures that the website needs.
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One Year of Free Hosting

We provide all our customers with a complimentary "Essential Care" package for one full year. This package includes hosting and a free domain name for the entire year.
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