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Surfing Lessons Perth, proud to be the oldest surf school in the world

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Standard Group Surf Lesson in Venice Beach

Taking a standard group surf lesson in Venice beach suits you whether you want to do a fun activity, want to experience the thrill of surfing or become a professional surfer.

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SouthCal Surf Lessons started from the idea that we could share our passion of the ocean with anyone and everyone who wants to experience the beach lifestyle. We strongly support maintaining a clean environment, keeping trash off the beaches and out of our waters.

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Plenty of surfers start their morning in the ocean at sunrise. We paddle out towards the horizon and sit up on the board watching the sun come up. If a great wave comes, we turn around, paddle and catch it. There’s nothing like riding a wave in the beautiful light from the sun, reflecting against the water in all kinds of colors. It reduces stress and you get to experience the beauty of nature that gives you the energy boost needed to start your day. And, of course, we have a lot of fun!

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Would you like to reach us quickly and schedule a surf lesson in Venice Beach within 3 hours? We recommend you to either write to us on our Facebook page or call.

350 5th Ave, New York, NY 10118

1 212-736-3100

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