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Panoramic tours are regarded as one of the innovative and contemporary solutions through which companies can enhance interaction with their audience and significantly increase interest in the exhibits and services offered. They possess an effective design and functionality capable of sparking customer curiosity, encouraging them to explore further into the offerings and details with the help of advanced tools available.

Panoramic Tour Package

Panoramic tours offer a versatile and adaptable solution that spans a broad spectrum of professions and industries, including online stores, real estate, hotels, restaurants, tourism, cultural institutions, and more. This adaptability ensures that businesses across various sectors can leverage these tours to showcase their spaces and services dynamically.

In our commitment to embracing modernity and innovation, we at Best 4 WP Web Agency are dedicated to providing our clients with distinctive solutions. These solutions are designed not only to attract new customers but also to keep existing clients engaged and to exceed competitors' expectations.

Create a comprehensive panoramic store or tour from a single web page, featuring one to three panoramic images as desired, enhanced with up to twenty hotspots.

This package includes additional benefits:

Multiple Galleries and Displays Viewable in One Window

Zoom Capability for Detailed Viewing

Interactive Floor Plan

Meeting Scheduling and Appointment Booking with Email Linking

Before and After Visualization

Live Video Chat (​With the possibility of scheduling)

Interactive Draw-Tool

Auto Pilot


Customer Reviews

Downloadable PDF Attachment

Social Media Sharing Option

Multilingual Content Translation

Direct Linking to Online Store’s Reservation and Purchasing System

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Integration

Email Application Integration

Analytics Dashboard for Insights

To view more details about the types of features available and their functions, please visit the 360-degree panoramic store page.

Virtual Car Showroom-Demo

Click here to explore a virtual car showroom integrated with booking and purchasing capabilities.

Real Estate Virtual Tour-Demo

Click here for a virtual tour demonstrating the viewing of real estate.

Pricing plans:

Pricing for new Best 4 WP Web Agency clients is €499.95   $549.95 , in addition to the website design cost.
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For loyal Best 4 WP Web Agency clients, the price remains €499.95   $549.95.

Clients with websites designed outside of Best 4 WP Web Agency are charged €599.95   $ 659 .95.
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An annual hosting fee of €90  $99 for the panoramic tour and dashboard will be charged starting one year from the delivery date.

Take the initiative today and set your foot on the first path to the next virtual world of e-commerce.

In today’s fast-paced world, with daily advancements in technology, it has become crucial for companies and industries to modernize their customer engagement strategies to maintain their interest and keep them in a state of wonder and anticipation for new offerings. Especially as we approach an era increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence and its influence on all types of electronic services, the anticipation for the emerging metaverse era grows. In response, our decision to offer and enhance our panoramic virtual tours service is a strategic step toward enabling our clients to embark on the journey into this new technological era. This initiative is aimed at positioning our customers at the forefront of adopting innovative solutions that align with future trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a panoramic store, and how does it differ from a traditional online store?

A panoramic store offers a virtual tour experience, allowing users to navigate through a digital space as if they were physically moving through a store. Unlike traditional online stores that display products in static images and listings, a panoramic store uses interactive panoramic images to showcase products, enabling a more immersive and engaging shopping experience.

How do the benefits you provide align with the specific services I wish to offer?

Our tools for creating panoramic tours are designed with the flexibility to cater to various service types or industries. The extensive functionality of our hotspots allows us to tailor features to suit your specific service needs, while the other services are broad enough to meet the requirements of all industry types.

How can live video chat enhance the shopping experience in my panoramic store?

Live video chat allows for real-time interaction between store visitors and employees, providing a personal touch to the shopping experience. It can help in answering customer queries, offering product recommendations, and assisting in the shopping process, thereby increasing engagement and potentially boosting sales.

How does the Before and After feature work?

The Before and After feature allows you to showcase panoramic images of a space or product before and after a change, such as renovation or decoration. This interactive comparison can be particularly effective in industries like real estate or interior design, offering a vivid demonstration of value-added through your services or products.

What are the benefits of integrating Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel with my panoramic store?

Integrating Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel enables you to track visitor behavior, measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, and gain insights into traffic sources. This data is invaluable for optimizing your marketing strategies, improving customer engagement, and increasing conversions.

Is technical support available for setting up and maintaining the panoramic tour and dashboard?

Best 4 WP Web Agency offers a comprehensive one-year warranty on all websites it designs. This warranty encompasses periodic technical support for our customers, covering a wide range of services.

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