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Spectacular Photos Of Our World

The 2018 Travel Photographer of the Year contest is coming up. Here are some of our favorites from last year's competition.

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Photographу by Clane Gessel

National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year

Each week, our editors choose stunning photos submitted by members of Your Shot, National Geographic's photo community.
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Dark, cold, and windy

The mornings in Iceland were not the easiest for me. Dark, cold, and windy. The conditions at Jökulsárlón exceeded my wildest expectations. Puzzled pieces of ice in various shades of white and blue, a warm light illuminating the tops of the mountains covered in snow

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Sony World Photography Awards

We are delighted to reveal the winners of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. Browse the various galleries below to see the full range of stunning imagery from around the world.

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Golden Sunrise

This photo was taken during sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar

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The highest residential building in Asia
Photo by Albert Dros

I was desperate to come back to Moraine Lake
Photo by Dave Valler

The Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine & the Nachi Waterfall
Photo by Hidenobu Suzuki

Walking into Torres del Paine National Park 
Photo by Daniel Klazkin

a flight above the Þórsmörk Highlands in Iceland
Photo by Nils Junker

I was desperate to come back to Moraine Lake
Photo by Dave Valler

25 Amazing Photos of Life Underwater

Although these dolphins are enjoying a feeding frenzy, Lecoeur notes that the sardines upon which they depend are becoming scarcer—“victims of overfishing and climate change”—and this type of hunt less predictable.

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Photographу by MARC HENAUER

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