AirPods don't hurt as much as EarPods, but they need an adjustment period.

Always Complaining About This Big, Big World

Apple's AirPods are awesome and have some amazing features, but they're pretty much the same size and design as EarPods. EarPods hurt (at least for some of us). So, it stands to reason that AirPods would, too — except they don't ... mostly.

If you've followed what I write on iMore, you've probably realized that I'm one of those people that always complains about how big things don't fit me right. I've got small hands. I've got thin wrists. My feet are little. I might be giving you an incorrect image of my size. I'm not actually small.

Its an adjustment period

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I'm guessing that's why Apple's EarPods have always felt so uncomfortable to me. It must be that my ear canal is also smaller than average. The EarPods are hard, with absolutely no padding, so they cause me a lot of pain if I wear them for too long. I'll sometimes end up with a headache. So, when Apple announced the new AirPods, I was both excited and disappointed.

Over-ear headphones are best for:

  • Sound quality: Generally speaking, you get better sound from over-ears, although at the higher prices, there are amazing in-ears, too.
  • Comfort: You don’t have to stick anything in your ears.
  • Not blocking you in: Open-backed headphones let ambient sound in (and your music out). This is good if you don’t want to feel blocked in, but can also be annoying for other people. Also, useless in noisy places.
  • They don’t fall out of your ears.
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Once you have decided on that, you have to choose between in-ear and over-the-head. There are advantages to both.

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