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10 Greatest
Guitar Players
of All Time

How to Define the Greatest Guitarists?
The Top 10 Guitarists in the World
Honourable Mentions for the Top 100 Guitarists, by you!
The Worlds Best Blues Guitarists
The Top ‘World Music’ Guitarists
Techniques to Become a Great Guitarist Yourself

Jimi Hendrix, 1967, by Linda McCartney / National Portrait Gallery, gift of the photographer

What’s more, musicians will (or at least modern musicians have the opportunity to) learn about their niche area through metadata analysis and find out what makes the fans tick, so that they can pick up on this connection between music maker and listener. As such, how can you really be sure that the person playing the drums, strumming on the guitar or singing the song on your favourite album is actually feeling the music in the magical way we’d like to think they are?

PHOTOS: Gary Miller (Eric Johnson), Michael Putland (David Gilmour)

Steve Hackett

Steve explains, "I always hoped that the Genesis music would one day involve an orchestra and I'm proud to say I'll now be able to make that dream a reality on my next British tour, involving my own extraordinary rock band alongside a full-sized orchestra."

Jimmy Page

One of the founding and leading members of the famous band Led Zeppelin is naturally third on our list of the top 10 best guitarists on the planet.

Known as “The Wizard,” Page is a guitarist like no other, playing with a violin bow on his famous Gibson, alternating blues and rock with joy and passion.

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Carlos Santana

Word Music precursor, the Mexican-born Santana has inspired numerous artists around the world.

Named “The Pope” of rock with Latino vibes, he’s a genius guitarist who discovered the magic formula by skillfully merging rock, blues, samba, and percussions, along with other guitar styles.

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