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Boost your business's online visibility and capture new clients with Best 4 WP, your partner in Google Ads management. Our experience in deploying highly effective campaigns across various service industries demonstrates our ability to significantly enhance your business's online visibility. By positioning your business on Google's first page, we ensure you connect with potential customers seeking your services, transforming searches into valuable leads.

STARTING AT ONLY €999.95​ Euro
 $1099.95 USD /MONTH

Including our $350/month management fee

Campaign preparation

Our service offers a complete setup to propel your business forward from the outset. We meticulously craft ad groups featuring engaging ads that spotlight your unique advantages and the benefits of choosing your services, paired with a curated selection of high-performing keywords tailored to your industry.

Personalized Campaign Management

Your campaigns will receive meticulous oversight from a certified Google Ads Manager. This individual will have access to your advertising campaigns account. With a comprehensive understanding of your account, your manager will make informed adjustments to enhance the campaign's performance continuously.

Conversion-Driven Pages

We specialize in creating customized pages designed explicitly for converting visitors into leads. These pages effectively showcase your service benefits, client testimonials, and a compelling call to action, all structured to maximize conversion rates. 

Advanced Lead Tracking

Our sophisticated lead tracking capabilities allow you to see the direct impact of your campaigns, from the volume of phone and email inquiries to identifying which ads and keywords yield the highest conversion rates. This insight is pivotal in refining strategies to boost your return on investment.

Ongoing Campaign Refinement

Our commitment to your campaign's success is unwavering. We conduct regular reviews and optimizations, from daily search term audits to prevent financial wastage to A/B testing of ad copy, ensuring your campaign maintains peak efficiency.

Detailed Monthly Insights

Every month, you'll receive a comprehensive report detailing your campaign's performance, including budget allocation and key performance indicators. These reports will not only showcase monthly improvements but also provide insights and strategies for potential growth and expansion.

How it works?

Initial Consultation

Tailoring Your Campaign

Upon reaching out to our team, you'll engage in a detailed consultation with a Google Ads specialist. This conversation is our opportunity to understand the scope of your business, including the types of services you provide and the markets you target. We'll dive deep into what makes your offering unique, ensuring we can distinguish you from competitors. This stage is crucial for laying the groundwork for a campaign that's closely aligned with your business objectives.

Research and Strategy Development

Crafting Your Success

Our next step involves comprehensive research into your competitors and industry trends. This allows us to pinpoint what triggers your potential customers' buying decisions, enabling us to craft compelling offers. Such strategic preparation ensures your campaign launches with momentum.

Campaign Construction

Building for Impact

Your campaign manager will then begin crafting your ads, focusing on engaging content and strategic use of ad features such as location and callout extensions, and mobile bid adjustments. This process is designed to make your ads resonate and stand out.

We also prioritize keyword selection, ensuring your ads appear for high-intent searches, ready to capture the attention of potential clients at the crucial moment.

Conversion-focused landing pages are developed to convert this interest into actionable leads, featuring all necessary information, testimonials, and unique selling points. A sample conversion page demonstrates our approach to converting traffic into leads.

Data-Driven Optimization

Enhancing Your Results

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our strategy. By creating and testing multiple ad variations, we refine what works best, ensuring your campaign's effectiveness grows over time. 

Keyword optimization is an ongoing task, with performance data guiding our adjustments, focusing on the most profitable keywords and ad groups to maximize ROI.

Additionally, we integrate ClickCease on every account to block unwanted traffic, enhancing the value of your ad spend.

Transparent Reporting

Tracking Your Progress

Monthly reports start 30 days post-launch, offering a clear view of your investment's return. These reports allow you to track the efficiency of every dollar spent in terms of leads generated, facilitating an accurate ROI calculation. Your campaign manager is always available to discuss these insights and plan forward.

Scaling Your Success

Expanding Your Reach

A successful Google Ads campaign is just the beginning. With proven strategies, scaling up is a seamless process, allowing for increased business at lower costs per lead. We also explore additional avenues like PPC on other platforms, SEO, and more to broaden your reach.

Why Opt for Professional Ad Management

You're in Expert Hands

Opting for professional ad management transcends mere improvements in advertising strategy and content; it often significantly reduces costs, sometimes by as much as half. The effectiveness and cost-efficiency of an advertisement are ultimately determined by its success in converting the maximum number of visitors into real customers. Achieving such a goal requires the expertise of professionals who have honed their skills and learned from extensive experience in the field. At Best 4 WP Web Agency, your advertising campaigns will be managed by such experts, ensuring your investments yield the best possible returns.

A Case Study

A presentation of the steps and tools used

An advertising campaign for a website hosting company on YouTube

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