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Red Oval trucks are the best

Innovation. Fuel efficiency. Long-term value. Uncompromised performance.


Alternative Fuels

On highways, city streets and job sites, you'll see Peterbilt's commitment to environmentally conscious trucks. Whether it's alternative fuel platforms like liquid or compressed natural (LNG and CNG) gas or electric hybrid engines, Petebilt's growing line of environmentally friendly trucks meets the needs of a wide range of operational requirements.

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Our Technologies


History Of Red Oval

Since 1939, Peterbilt has consistently set new standards for quality, reliability, performance and innovation. Our dedicated focus on serving the full range of customer needs and providing industry-leading satisfaction extends well beyond the sale of a new truck. Peterbilt and its dealer network support customers through exceptional service, parts sales, financing, leasing and rental, and advanced technologies, such as our SmartLINQ remote diagnostics system. 

Today, you can purchase a Red Oval Certified truck with ease knowing your truck is the next best thing to new.

About Us

For more than 75 years, Peterbilt has led the industry in the design, manufacture and support of commercial vehicles. By developing and integrating innovative technologies that result in bottom-line benefits, Peterbilt continues to bring its customers new levels of efficiency, productivity and profitability. Recent technological milestones include new truck technologies and sophisticated support systems to maximize uptime.