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Comparing The Domestic Flight Experience On Delta And American


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Onboard amenities

If you’re flying first class on Delta, you’ll board to find a small bottle of water, a packaged blanket, and a pillow at your seat. Even on a regional jet.

Unless you’re flying a premium transcon route, American doesn’t stock pillows, but each seat will have a blanket.

Both airlines advertise pre-departure beverages, but American flight attendants don’t like to serve them. My Delta crews have been great about offering drinks during boarding, and will generally take “once we’re in the air” orders ahead of time as well.

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Overhead bin space

SkyClub Seattle

Unless you’re traveling with small children or otherwise need extra time, it seems the only reason folks board right away is to secure bin space.

Delta proactively and aggressively blocks first class bins for first class passengers. Some American flight attendants will take it upon themselves to do the same, but it’s definitely not consistent.

I’ve also found that Delta agents are much more insistent during the pre-boarding announcements that unneeded carry-on bags should be checked. Like, multiple announcements, even on flights that aren’t full.

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Mobile apps





SkyClub Detroit

American’s Flagship lounges and dining are vastly better than anything Delta has to offer, but most people, most of the time, are just going to be using the standard SkyClubs and Admirals Clubs.

The caliber of the lounges varies dramatically with both airlines. Some, like the Seattle SkyClub, are either newly constructed or recently refurbished, with bright spaces and updated furniture.

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