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360-Degree ​Panoramic Store

I n its latest endeavor to stay at the forefront of virtual reality technologies, Best 4 WP Web Agency is excited to be the pioneer in incorporating virtual store technology into its comprehensive suite of services offered to clients. The rapid integration of new technologies into our daily lives has significantly altered our perception of many aspects we previously considered unchangeable. The traditional format of store websites or product and service showcases no longer possesses the allure required to attract new customers or retain existing ones. With over 24 million online stores on the web and more than 3,550 new stores being added daily, it has become necessary to constantly explore innovative strategies to beat the intense competition and capture audience interest.

Therefore, we have directed our efforts towards offering the panoramic virtual store service, enhanced with the latest features available on the web, to equip the virtual store with all the necessary elements for success.

Panoramic Store Features Overview

View Multiple Galleries

A seamless mechanism for navigating between multiple panoramic images in the same window, where each image represents a distinct gallery of content.

Zoom In and Zoom Out

Offers the capability to zoom in and out of any section of panoramic images without losing detail or clarity.

Floor Plan

This feature allows viewing the entire layout of the panoramic tour, enabling visitors to navigate between exhibits displayed within the same panoramic image or quickly move through the plan between different panoramic images.

Before and After

A highly useful feature for displaying panoramic background images, their contents, and the changes made to displayed items before and after an event. It allows visitors to slide the panoramic image to observe these transformations. This feature is especially beneficial for real estate transactions, showing properties before and after furnishing, cladding, and construction phases.

Live Video Chat

Incorporates live video chat technology to facilitate interaction between store visitors and designated employees, offering the choice of voice or video chat.


Enables employees interacting with customers to highlight specific items or products within the store, aiding in explanations.

Scheduling Meetings

Allows visitors to schedule a meeting or appointment directly through the store's interactive interface, based on times preset and scheduled by management.

Link Products to the Store

Connects product hotspots to a window featuring quick information about the product with a direct link to the product page within the WooCommerce store.

Link Products to Video Presentations

Enhances product visibility by linking them to video presentations.

Auto Pilot

Facilitates the control over the navigation path of the panoramic tour, highlighting specific items or products to meet the objectives of the tour. 


Customizes the color scheme of the panoramic tour controls to complement the store's branding or logo colors.

Language Translation

Offers the option to select the language for the store's content from a list of over 100 international languages.

Music Clip

Enhances the panoramic tour with a music clip or an audio recording explaining the store and its offerings.

Attachable Downloadable File

Provides the capability to attach a downloadable PDF file with information about the store.

View Customer Reviews

Displays a collection of customer reviews, complete with personal photos and comments about the store and products.

Share via Social Media

Enables site visitors to share their experience with friends via social media platforms.

Analytics Tour-Dashboard

Features a dedicated dashboard for analyzing store visitor numbers and their interactions over a specified period.

Integration with Popular Mail Applications

Offers integration capabilities with your email service platform, including Mailchimp, Mailvio, Meetvio, among others.

Linkage with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

Enable precise tracking and analysis of visitor interactions by integrating Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, enhancing ad targeting and performance insights.

Types of Hotspots

Provides a broad range of hotspots distributed across the elements of the panoramic image to facilitate customer interaction with the displays, covering all services provided through the store:
ELEMENT 1 - Info Hotspot 
ELEMENT 3 - Reward Hotspot 
ELEMENT 4 - Product Hotspot 
ELEMENT 5 - File Hotspot 
ELEMENT 6 - Contact Hotspot 
ELEMENT 7 - Video Hotspot 
ELEMENT 8 - Image Tool 
ELEMENT 9 - Audio Hotspot 
ELEMENT 10 - Goto Hotspot 
ELEMENT 11 - HTML Element

Virtual Car Showroom-Demo

Click here to explore a virtual car showroom integrated with booking and purchasing capabilities.

Real Estate Virtual Tour-Demo

Click here for a virtual tour demonstrating the viewing of real estate.

A Prototype of a Virtual Supermarket.

A Prototype of a Virtual Specialty Store

Capture and share a panoramic photo of your store or property in under five minutes!

What types of professions is a virtual store suitable for?

The virtual store is adaptable to a broad array of professions, benefiting from the extensive advantages it offers. It's challenging to narrow down the professions that can reap the most benefits from this innovative technology, as its applications are vast and varied. However, evidence from practical applications demonstrates that the following professions have seen notable success through utilizing virtual stores:

These industries have effectively integrated virtual store technology to enhance customer experience, expand their reach, and streamline the buying process, showcasing the technology's flexibility and wide-ranging applicability.

Achieving excellence and outpacing your competitors is within easy reach. Click here to view our virtual store price list!

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